Yolk dating

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So does having a tilted uterus make it harder to detect a viable pregnancy? I too had the same thing happen to me on my second child.

Attended the ultrasound at what I thought was about 7 weeks... I then was ordered for several days to do the bloodwork to check levels and my levels were decreasing. But puzzled that I had not pain, discomfort or spotting or bleeding..continued on. became concerned and did another ultrasound in her office and pushed down rather hard on teh wand, and much to our suprise... hence why my levels were going down, I was leaving my first trimester and they still couldnt find her because of my titled uterus.

After alot of maneuvering around with the wand (I thought they were playing Pac-Man there for a while!

), they found the embreyo and were able to track a heartbeat. They said to drink alot of water beforehand next time to see it better.

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I am now PG the third time..went to the doctor yesterday and surprise surprise same thing, cannot find anything on the ultrasound, urine test positive, uterine lining thickk..the blood test so God willing the end resulty of this stress is the same as last time, a healthy baby! I went to the doctor two weeks later after a home pregnancy test came back positive, and she confirmed my uterus was closed and that I was pregnant.

The thing that worried me most was that she said I was under 5 weeks, but I had gotten a positive pregnancy test 13 days earlier. I thought I was 6 weeks, but they are stating 4 weeks 6 days. They just took blood yesterday and will again in 2 days to compare the HCG levels and do another u/s next week. I thought I was 6 weeks, but my MD only found a gestational sac with a tiny yolk sac inside..fetal pole.

a couple more days and they will be able to see the heartbeating. I have an encouraging story: had my first ultrasound two weeks ago, thinking I was about 5 weeks and 4 days along (I had been charting faithfully, and was pretty sure about ovulation).

Well, I just got back from the doctor, and they found a fetus and saw a fluttering heart!

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