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The question is is it a chatbot because it is software that is delivered in the chat platform or it because the UI is conversational using a text or voice as the method of conversation?

Or is there another reason it is defined as a chatbot?

Search data covers 83 countries, so the bot has you covered even if you’re on the road.

The company says the information is shareable, too, so if (unlike me) you have friends who care about you, you can gather a gaggle to take in a show.

The one issue I had with the bot was the lack of in-chat purchasing.

You still need to click a link that takes you into Ticketmaster to make a purchase.

More than 30,000 chatbots have been created for Facebook Messenger, and 20,000 for Kik, with Skype, Telegram, We Chat and Line all getting into the bots game too. In fact, there are already quite a few music-related chatbots on the loose.

Would this be the best possible way of getting things done? You could ask it for example: “Buy flowers for my grandmother and have them delivered on Friday” It might ask you some relevant questions, such as how much do you want to spend and what kind of flowers do you want to order but you could very quickly get things done versus the alternative especially if it had access to default data such as her address and your payment information. It would involve logging onto a website, selecting the flowers and then entering all the relevant information manually.

[caption id="attachment_3865" align="alignright" width="300"] (Photo courtesy NDGF)[/caption] And for those who remember a regular waterfowl season with a daily Canada goose limit of one or two, the early Canada goose ...

During mid-July we obviously note the sun is setting a bit earlier, the small grains are nearing harvest and the August 15 early Canada goose opener is nearing and hunters can begin to form plans for the fall hunting seasons.

The chatbot route might not be the best route if you wanted to get her something very specific but didn’t know in advance exactly what it should be.

In that case actually searching on a website might be the better way to do this.

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