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If there’s a girl in your class you really like, for her looks, intelligence or something else, it’s time to ACT. If you have got girls talking to you, commenting on your photographs on Facebook, your crush is more likely to look at you as boyfriend material. This is a time tested formula that we can vouch for. Hold your stare and wink when she looks straight at you. Better still, become a helpful person for others in your class. Most boys are just too afraid to try impressing such a girl. Impressing this girl is way easier than you think it is. It wasn't just the idea that some of my classmates were having sex that bothered me or made me feel so different; what bothered me the most was that they were falling in love in the first place. And maybe, I wondered, one I would never be a part of.If you’re still as curious as I hope you are, there’s a fairly verbose backdrop to this blog outlined right here. In fact, write-ups are run through the individuals concerned before being posted. Care has been taken to ensure names, pictures, or even the minutest detail about an individual, over and beyond the conversation, are not revealed. Feel free to write to me at [email protected] scrolling further, for the posts. Growing up, I had more than 20 surgeries, which means I logged more hours lying in hospital beds and sitting in stark-white doctors' offices than I did awkwardly talking to boys at school dances or gossiping about them at sleepovers. I was born with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a genetic bone and muscular condition, that causes joint contractures of the hands, feet and knees, as well as scoliosis and facial deformities.

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India is a country filled with positivity, hope, opportunities and generous, kind-hearted people, but we cannot brush negative issues under the carpet, try and cloak them in a politically correct banner or compare their issues with women to other Western countries where rape is also a serious issue.Sunitha Krishnan (born 1972) is an Indian social activist and chief functionary and co-founder of Prajwala, a non-governmental organization that rescues, rehabilitates and reintegrates sex-trafficked victims into society.Krishnan works in the areas of anti-human trafficking and social policy.The novel deeply explores how people fill the absence left by loss. Made to be an echo of Amarra, she does what she's supposed to do and was designed for: take Amarra's place when she dies.Despite having to pretend to be someone else, she never loses her true identity.

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