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After months of low-yield searches at e-Harmony, Match, Chemistry (and others that shall remain nameless ;-), I found myself just goofing around on a "non-dating" site. I, Eye of the Beholder Here's the key for my review, in the table below. I've highlighted a few table cells with great or revealing pointers. Large sites, like My Space or My Yearbook, may not want to reveal the relative flux from hour to hour (it bleeds too much marketing data). Thus, everyone who joins any of their sites -- Adult, German, Gay, Senior, Christian, Filipino -- all appear in that "Member Count," but you'll never see 99% of their profiles. :-) Second, many sites keep zombie profiles "alive" indefinitely.Senior Friend Finder helps mature singles create and build meaningful relationships online. Enjoy our chat rooms, instant messaging, photo galleries, and more.Hover Spot (we or our) is an online network (the "Site") that allows members to express themselves by publishing (hereinafter "posting" ) a personal profile web page, photos, blogs, and by posting comments on the web pages, photos and blogs of other members.The Hover Spot ("Hover Spot") service (the "Service") is operated by Centrya, Inc.Based on elections made on their Hover Home Page(the Home Page), Members determine which personal information is displayed on their web page.Colonel john Aderson mills: am colonel john aderson mills from dallas in tx.Through the network of buddies our members can view each others' profiles and communicate with buddies on the service.The service allows members to share photos, post blogs and comments, and describe their interests.

In late December, 2008, a friend asked for my input on a social networking concept. While evaluating its place in the universe, I was astonished at how bad most social networking sites appear to be. PLEASE: Un Blinking scans the wealth of information on the internet, gathering background on people and events.

Using public search engines, Un Blinking collates what may be known (and what may have been forgotten).

[Usability note: All links open into the same target window.] Don't Date Me Because I'm Beautiful This survey is all about first impressions. For example, one dating site -- OKCupid -- is not visually impressive, and has a rather average-looking membership.

Email give a Hit in FB onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL.

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