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This change provides a flat back with separated headlights, which results in a heavy resemblance to the rear section of the Porsche 914.

The fastback profile of the car is non-existent on the Xbox and Mobile version of GTA Vice City; instead also bearing the previously mentioned backwards-slanted rear.

The headlamps may also have been inspired by the 1966-1969 Alfa Romeo Spider.

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You'll also be able to download all the DLC you need to take your games further.

Initially, it was believed that Sony had simply gained access to an inventory of small capacity SSDs and would ship them in the PS3's traditional hard drive bay, where it could be replaced with any other 2.5-inch hard drive, so perhaps the biggest surprise upon receiving our 12GB unit was the complete absence of anything in the expansion slot.

On the one hand, this was good news - upgrading to a hard drive would be fast and painless.

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