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I consider myself a power user in Word, but I have no clue what could be wrong with my document so that it is considered dangerous. Sigh....) Looks like they increased security toward their old file formats in order to avoid vulnerabilities.Here is some information on why it does this and how to convert the files so you won't get the error message. Yesterday I updated Office to the latest service pack, i.e. This morning, when opening an MS Word document (format, and a document I created myself some months ago) I was greeted with a new dialog box saying: Security Alert - Office File Validation WARNING: Office File Validation detected a problem while trying to open this file.Opening this is probably dangerous, and may allow a malicious user to take over your computer.Including two links to some microsoft blabla webpage.Obviously the document is safe as I created it myself some months ago. (On a sidenote, a rethorical question: Will Microsoft never learn?Similarly, this command-line validator helps developers: This validator calls into the same validation service as the Office store, so that developers get the most up-to-date and accurate feedback from Office.

Microsoft states, "Office File Validation helps detect and prevent a kind of exploit known as a file format attack or file fuzzing attack." I was able to test the accuracy of this claim by using the crashing test cases from the brief Office fuzzing campaign that I performed.

Microsoft recently released a component for Office called Office File Validation that is supposed to help protect against attacks using malformed files.

Because I recently performed file fuzzing tests on Microsoft Office, I decided to test the effectiveness of Office File Validation.

Two updated error messages for the Office File Validation feature in Office 2007 SP3 now provide more detailed information and options.

You will encounter these messages if you attempt to open files that are stored in Office binary file formats and if the files do not pass scanning and validation checks.

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