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Being able to put up your own MIDI files (those bloopy songs that were ringtones before ringtones could play actual songs) and animated GIFS was unbelievable..act in itself was worth doing, not to share your feelings or get any kind of commercial gain or anything. Today Geo Cities is available only in Japan (figures), but the Geocitiesizer website can show you what your favorite page would look like if only it had been made on Geo Cities.

Here’s the Geo Cites version of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. When the Internet first started, no one knew how depraved people could get.

True story: my mother-in-law happened in to an AOL “Diaper” chat room looking to gab with other new mothers. Then suddenly everything changed and you could no longer download the Pam Anderson sex tape. All it was was an entire page of animated hamster gifs—four of them—repeated over and over. If you weren’t alive or sentient during that time, there’s nothing I can do to explain it to you. government is often blamed for 9/11, but in reality the culprit is millions of unforwarded chain emails from the 1990s.

This is the closest living page to the original Hamster Dance. Also, why did Live Journal get rid of Frank the goat mascot? Before people knew how to use Google, we talked to computers like they were people. Threatening death, bad luck, unfaithful lovers, or worse if you failed to forward them to every friend you ever met ever, e-mail chain letters put fear into our young hearts.

My toddler has a disturbing habit of removing her dirty diapers and playing with the contents.

We have tried everything to discourage this -- from scolding her, to keeping our cool, to fastening her diapers on backwards so she can't undo them. I only had to do this 2 times and they haven't touched poop since.

Before anyone got hip to My Space, we wrote our teenage feelings on blogs like Live Journal and Xanga. So some genius created Ask Jeeves, a fictional butler who would “respond” to your questions with internet searches. Somehow, this made the whole Internet thing a lot easier to understand and made us feel like we were king of the robots. Unfortunately, those awesome things we were promised for forwarding, like money from Bill Gates, never came true.

Our white cotton is chlorine-free and optical brightener-free! New babies come in many sizes and the newborn size Workhorse no-closure is a very flexible fit.

There were no parental controls, no nanny software to block bad sites, nothing.

Kids like me who came of age in the 90s were exposed to the most effed up minds you can possibly imagine in AOL and Yahoo! Yes, there was a time when that was some true shit.

The picture is beautiful and shows the diaper, but if Mom holds baby like this for too long without a diaper cover, Mom's shirt would get damp soon enough after baby wets so please use a diaper cover.

Why choose a fitted diaper instead of an all-in-one with the cover built in? Unbleached Organic softness It's the same 100% cotton fabric as our beloved prefolds. If you get the snap version and baby is under 7 pounds, then you can still fold down the front to get this nice fit.

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