Dating restrictions in the church

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For at least the first month of his restrictions, Hasnain was also to have his patient encounters observed by a supervisor for at least a half day per week.He must have his charts reviewed for all patients prescribed narcotic medications by the supervisor and respond to any concerns.Hasnain, who practises at the TMC clinic in Tecumseh, is alleged to have sexually abused a patient and engaged in conduct back in 2010 that would be regarded by fellow doctors as “disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional,” according to a notice of hearing. She goes by A’abla, and she’s a member of a Muslim family entrusted with the key to the church in Bethlehem, the West Bank city where Christians believe Jesus was born.The suffix of ham means home, so a hamlet was a 'little home'.There are many other places, all of Saxon origin, that have the common ending of ham, and having the same meaning of 'home', something 'hemmed-in', a small settlement of houses clustered together.In AD 820 two alternative spellings are also shown as 'Mastam' and 'Mastahaem', and a further ninth century spelling during the reign of Edward the Confessor is 'Mersetham'.

Eve was not created to be Adam's servant, but his honored and respected wife and co-regent, fashioned to rule over creation with him.

The Greek culture into which the early church was born viewed women as "half animal," unworthy of education, to be kept quiet and kept locked away, obedient to their husbands.

In Jewish culture it was considered inappropriate for a man to even speak to a woman in public--including his own wife.

The restrictions placed on Hasnain’s practice stem from an investigation by the college following a patient’s complaint.

It was determined the physician had incomplete medical records and inappropriately terminated patients. Provided the physician meets all conditions to the satisfaction of his clinical supervisor within the first year, Hasnain will have his practice reassessed six months later by the college which will include interviews with colleagues, co-workers and patients.

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